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ING drone

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SpeedBird I63E

Product advantage

3-Axis camera,Discover the world more steadily

4k*30FPS,A clearer visual experience

Geomagnetic calibration,Stand still in the storm

4K HD video

an HD camera that shoots 4K HD video

The SpeedBird I63E has four surging motors that provide steady lift, an HD camera that shoots 4K HD video, and a three-axis head that ensures clear and steady photography while in motion.

GPS and geomagnetic calibration keep it stable even when it is off the remote. It is like a gentleman in the air, elegant, calm, unhurried.

SpeedBird I20E

Product advantage

Electronic Image Stabilization,Make the world clearer

Lightweight design,Like a hummingbird flapping its wings

New folding design,Smaller in size, but larger in ambition

Weighs just 246G

The I20E is incredibly light and weighs just 246G

The I20E is incredibly light and weighs just 246G, making it easy to carry in a backpack or a hand bag. 2.5K HD video shooting combined with EIS electronic stabilization makes every photo lively.

Support for “surround flight”, “follow me” and other functions, for your shooting more possible.

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ING is a dronebrand affiliated to WiiRobot Co., LTD. It is a technology company based in Xiegang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China. The company's main business includes the development and sales of dronesand cleaning robots.The company is committed to innovation and exploration in frontier fields such as cleaning robotsand drones, so that more people can understand the beauty of t... more>

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